My Favorite Place in Taiping

The Taiping Lake Garden is indeed my favorite place in Taiping. This place is just so serene and beautiful. A few days ago, when we passed by the place we can’t help but stop and was tempted to try out their boat ride. Even our 1 and half year old son was saying ” Yide! Yide!” when he saw the boats. We couldn’t resist our kids excitement when they saw the rides so, we went out of the car and proceeded to the lake and buy our tickets.

So, here are the beautiful scenes you can see from the boat ride in the lake.

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Place in Taiping

  1. Wow…this is the first word came out of my mouth when I saw the pictures…truly it's so beautiful..hope to visit there one day and that's my desire to see taiping sometime wish there will be a long school holiday soon so that I'll go there on that time….while you're all there….God bless you! Regards to Amma and the rest….pls

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