Sipadan Island – Top 3 Best Dive Site in the World

I was watching one of the shows in Discovery Channel’s Travel and Living when I saw that they featured the Sipadan Island here in Malaysia. They said that it’s one of the best diving sites in the world. I googled about it and found out that the Barracuda Point in Sipadan is indeed the Top 3 of the world’s best.

I’ve always dreamed to scuba dive and I guess it’ll still be a dream as of this point. If ever I go scuba diving, I would want to do it together with my Hubby. I’m sure he’ll also enjoy the experience. But then, my Hubby has some vision problems and has been wearing glasses and sometimes contact lenses. So, I’m not sure if you can wear one while scuba diving.

Speaking of contact lenses, it has really been quite a hassle for him to wear them lately. He had to change them every 3 months. We got the cheaper brands for his contact lenses but they were not so good as it made his eyes itchy. After experiencing this, we had actually thought of LASIK. This is indeed one of the safest and effective method to correct one’s vision. But upon learning that the cost of Lasik procedure is very costly, that option didn’t enter our minds anymore.

But just now, I’ve come across a site that compared the one time cost of iLASIK and the lifetime costs of buying contact lenses and I was so surprised with the figures. It turned out that buying contact lenses ( especially if you’ve started early) indeed costs more. Hmm..

I guess, I’ve gone so far from my diving topic already. But I just hope that one day, I could go scuba diving with my Hubby. And on that ‘day’ maybe my Hubby’s vision is already corrected through Lasik technology.


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  1. yes, indeed, to enjoy the beauty of God's creations we must have good eyesight… this is one kind of a place i dream of going to.

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