Tandas Means Toilet

When I hear the word ‘tandas’ ( toilet) I can’t help but chuckle because I could remember our experiences 7 years ago.

You see, my Hubby and I got married here in Malaysia so all my family and some friends ( 23 of them) came to Malaysia. It was all their first time to be in Malaysia and for most of them, to a different country. So, you can imagine all the culture shocks they must have experienced. And the part of their bodies that must have most of the shock were their tummies! Generally, Filipinos don’t fancy eating spicy food. And since the groom was an Indian so, they didn’t have a choice but to eat hot and spicy Indian curry.. That’s when the trouble ( in their tummies) began. That explains why the first Malay word that they learned was not ” Apa Kabar” ( How are you?) but ” tandas” since they have to go their regularly. :) We even had to make a lot of stops in during our bus travel from Kuala Lumpur to Taiping because they had to go to the toilet many times. But what I appreciate most when travelling by land here in Malaysia is that they have clean toilets and bathrooms in the Rest and Recreation stops. It would be great though for them to build beautiful bathroom suites like that from Better Bathrooms but then I guess that’ll be too much to ask since luxurious bathrooms are meant for hotels and not for Rest and Recreation’ stops.

Anyways, those were our family and friends’ ‘tandas’ experiences. :)

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