Traveling on a Shoe String Budget

We made our travel plans for this year but then, we have a little bit of a problem, we don’t have much budget to fulfill most of our travel plans. So, what should we do? We have actually drawn out 2 options for this ‘problem’.

1) First, we could always cancel those plans, stay home and do nothing . But, then we have already booked our tickets ( which we got as cheap promo fares) for one trip and the other trip is actually a prize from a contest ( but, I still need some pocket money and other expenses even if I already have free accommodation, internal transport and etc).

2) Second option would be to go on with our plans, pray for God’s provision and try our best to come up with extra income and savings.

Which option sounds better? Of course, the 2nd one isn’t it? And because we’ve chosen the 2nd option, we are working hard to Earn extra money. Good thing, I also found another way of earning through Yovia Blogs. It’s quite a new site and offering free blogs to limited bloggers but I think they’ve got quite a lot of ways to earn from it. This site is also quite helpful for new bloggers since they give free tutorials and tips on how to start one.

So, hopefully we won’t have to cancel any of our trips and be able to enjoy the rest of the year.



One thought on “Traveling on a Shoe String Budget

  1. Good luck. I've never heard of Yovia Blogs, but wouldn't want to rely on blogging for money for a vacation…not with todays's economic situation.

    I would suggest finding fun, interesting things at home, or close enough to home to be day trips. I would call and see what you can cancel or postpone to see what $$ you can get back…AND perhaps sell your bookings to another person who would go instead of you.

    Vacations always always cost more than one thinks they're going to, and free lodging never quite ends up free lodging.

    My rule of thumb is never pay ahead unless you're asured of a way out…like extending your time or something. Life too often does get in the way.


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