A Walk at the Lake Garden

There’s nothing more refreshing than taking a walk at the beautiful Taiping Lake Garden. The place is such a peaceful and refreshing place. Last week, our family had an opportunity to take an evening walk there and we certainly enjoyed it. We thought that maybe we could take a regular walk there in the evenings for a bit of exercise and refreshing. It would be great to go there in the early mornings too but we can only do that once we find someone to take care of our lil boy for a few hours.

There’s so much to see and discover once you take a walk inside the Taiping Lake Gardens, you’ll find a couple of playgrounds in the park, small bodies of water ( apart from the main lake), bridges, arches , water fountain, flowers, foot paths and etc. It’s just beautiful. They have done a good job in the landscaping of the place. I don’t know who did the landscaping of the Taiping Lake Garden but I’ve heard that in the US, there’s a company that does the boston landscaping best.

Parks, gardens, playgrounds and lakes are really our favorite places as of now, especially that our children love these places too.
photo taken from Taiping talk

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