An Afternoon At Bukit Larut

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Bukit Larut or formerly called as Maxwell hills is the oldest hill station of Malaysia. It was founded in 1884 and named after William George Maxwell, who was the British Assistant Resident in Perak.

We had the privilege to go up the hill the other afternoon. Even though it was a very short trip in which we only stayed there for 2 hours but I enjoyed it so much.

A fee of 6 Malaysian Ringgit for Adults and 3 Malaysian Ringgit for children is collected at the base of the hill. This covers the ride back and forth. Then, we took the government owned Land Rover to the summit. Private vehicles are not allowed to go up the hill.

The road to the top was a bit scary. The road was so narrow, winding and steep. Then, we understood why private vehicles are not allowed on the hill and why our trip has to be very scheduled and precise. When we reached to the top, I noticed almost everyone of the passengers had that big sigh of relief! LOL!

Maxwell Hills is indeed beautiful. The place is so cool and everything is so fresh up there. I love the big trees around it, the flowers that sprouts around and the scenic view of Taiping Town you can see from the top. It can really be a resting place for those whoa re tired in weary. Of all the resort houses that are there, I find the Cendana Hotel a nice place to stay in. It’s a small, cozy place and not too old compared with the others. On the way, I also saw they were building a big hotel.

There’s really nothing much to see and do in Maxwell hill, unlike Cameron highlands. But if you need a change of atmosphere or to just relax and see the beauty of nature, then you can try to visit and stay in Maxwell hill. What are the things you can do there? You can go bird watching, pass through their hanging bridge, have tea at the Tea Garden or simply see the beautiful flowers at the gardens. If you’re the adventurous type or looking for an exercise, you can also walk up the hill for 8 hours.

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