Our Free KL Tour

Seven years ago, 23 of our family members and friends from the Philippines came to Malaysia to attend my wedding. That was long before budget airlines were conceptualized, so the most convenient way to travel at that time was through a travel agency. They actually got quite a good rate for their trip which included round trip tickets, 3 nights accommodation in a hotel at the Bukit Bintang area, free buffet breakfasts for 3 days and a half day city tour.

Everyone really enjoyed that trip! I for one had the privilege to sleep at the hotel where they were staying since I joined in my parents room, I also enjoyed the free breakfasts and all. :) But then, when it was time for their half day city tour, my sis, soon to be hubby that time and I decided to stay back at the hotel since we were not included in the group tour. But our family and friends forced us to go with them and willingly paid for us. So, we hopped in the bus and went with them.

And I’m sure glad that we were able to join the city tour. We went to several tourist places like the monuments, famous buildings, factories, palace and etc. It was nice to get a glimpse of the city in a half a day. It was like we were in an NYC Bus charter. Of course, I haven’t been in one but I’ve just heard that the New York City Bus Charter have great services for daytrips, tours, excursions and the like.

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