Taiping Museum, Under Renovation

The Taiping Museum is the oldest museum in Malaysia. It’s just adjacent to the Taiping Prison which is also the oldest prison in Malaysia. Yes, there are over 50 ‘oldest in Malaysia’ things and events here in Taiping that’s why I always tease my Husband, ( who’s a Taiping boy, by the way) that this town has all the ‘oldest’ that’s why it’s boring and quiet. Of course, I was just teasing him and it’s not true. In fact, there are a lot of beautiful things to be seen in this quiet town.

One of these is the Museum. I’ve been to this museum 9 years ago, and last week, we thought of bringing our kids and have an educational tour. But sad to say, that only part ( 1/4 if I’m not mistaken) of the museum is open to the public as the other areas are undergoing renovation.

So, if you plan to visit the Taiping museum this year,to avoid disappointment, you can do so in October as this is the targeted time for the renovation to be finished. I’m excited to see how they’ll improve the place.

So, for now only the section with the bones and animals is open for viewing.

One thought on “Taiping Museum, Under Renovation

  1. Sayang, tricia and lyle were not able to see all. So, I hope next time I can tour the place, there must be more to see than my last visit. hehehe

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