The Great Durian Festival

Last Saturday was ‘ The Great Durian Festival’ at Gantang, Taiping. I’ve heard about this festival before where everyone get to eat a lot of durian for free but it was only on Saturday morning that we knew about the exact venue of the festival. I was thinking that we would only go there late in afternoon since it was so hot at noon. But I was glad that we went there earlier.

When we arrived the place was already packed with people and we even had to park our car so far. There was an ongoing show and the tents were filled with tables, chairs and durian everywhere! It was a bit evident that we came late because we could already see almost everyone sitting comfortably with their tables filled with the empty Durian shells. After not having a clue where to go, we were led to the section with long tables and durians. Fortunately, there are still some Durians left for us to enjoy. It was nice that the organizers even provided plastic gloves, styrofoam packets and rubber bands for us to nicely get the durian fruits and pack them.

Even we were late, we were still able to pack a lot of the durian!

That place was a Durian Paradise for all the Durian lovers.. the durian smell was so strong, almost unlimited ‘eat all you can’ and ‘pack all you can Durian’ extravaganza. And I just love it! I ate so much of Durian that at the end of the day I was so full, dizzy and sleepy. LOL!

The aftermath…

I just hope that next year, we will be early for the GReat Durian Festival. And oh, by the way, we didn’t have to pay anything to get inside the venue nor pay for the Durian we packed. Durian Paradise it is!

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