The Monkey World

There’s one portion near the Taiping Lake Gardens ( in front of the Taiping Zoo) that is just occupied by monkeys. My li’l daughter calls that area as the ” Monkey World”. When we went there this afternoon, there were just countless of monkey on the parking lot, in the trees, garbage bins, on the electric wire and literally everywhere! Our kids had fun watching them as some were fighting over a banana, swinging in the trees, climbing on the pole or just sitting on a signage.

I think they should make that area as one of the tourist spots..maybe people can feed the monkeys or maybe just plain ‘monkey watching’ ( like bird watching). But the only thing with these monkeys is that they can get a bit violent especially when they’re hungry.

Anyways, here are the photos I took for our ‘monkey watching’ time in the ” Monkey World”.

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