To the Border and Back

Since our Malaysian road tax was due today, we didn’t have a choice but to travel to the JPJ in Bukit Kuya Hitam to renew it. You see, we’re using a Thai car here in Malaysia and that explains why we need have our ICP renewed. For more information on the process to use a Thai registered car here in Malaysia click HERE.

We really find it a bit of a hassle and not mention, costly to do this procedure every 2 months. We left from our house here in Taiping at about 9:30 AM arrived Bukit Kayu Hitam at almost 1PM, did the renewal and came back straight. We arrived here at home at almost 4PM. So, you could imagine our gasoline consumption and toll fees in a day. But still, I’m glad that the process for the renewal was smooth and we can use our Thai car all over Malaysia for another 2 months.

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