Travelling to Hong Kong on A Budget

I’m excited, three more months to go and we’re going to Hong Kong but wait, 3 more months??! Now, I feel more ‘scared’ since we haven’t saved up for this trip yet. Our budget is quite limited and Hong Kong’s cost of living is quite high. But thank God we have our cousin working there, so we get to have free accomodation. She has also drawn up some plans for us so everything will fit in our very limited budget. Here are the places to see and things to do in our itinerary. I’ll give a more detailed view later on.

  • Victoria Peak
  • Disneyland
  • Science Museum
  • Ocean Park
  • Hong Kong Botanical Garden and Zoo
  • Avenue of the Stars
  • Harbor
  • Space Museum
  • Macau
  • Picnic at the beach
  • a walk at the park
WOw! I’m excited! If you’ve noticed, shopping is not part of the list as our primary purpose there is just sightseeing. I’m sure with this itinerary that my cousin has given us, we will be able to see the ‘whole’ of Hong Kong. It would be like a New York City Sightseeing in HK! :) Yes, I’ve heard about this great service in NY where you could just hop on a double decker bus and see the whole of New York.

Back to our HK trip, I just pray that everything will be well in the next 2 months especially with our finances and the H1n1 status.

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4 thoughts on “Travelling to Hong Kong on A Budget

  1. You will love it there. And, it is very inexpensive if all you do is sightsee. Shopping can be inexpensive as well. Another tip, go see Tian Tan Buddha (The big buddha), Po Lin Monastery and Wisdom Path on Lantau Island. They are all in the same area and can be seen in half a day. They are fantastic. Also, go to my blog and on the left side bar scroll down to the photo that says My Hong Kong adventure. You'll find hundreds of photos and tips.

    Make sure to buy an octopus card at the airport when you arrive.

    I am excited for you.


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