Airasia’s 3 Million Seat Sale!

12:01 AM ( +800 GMT) , August 10, 2009 will be the start of Airasia’s 3 Million Seat Sale. They didn’t reveal yet what are the terms for the SEAT sale but it was promised that it’s better than their previous ‘free seat’ promotions. Hmm.. that surely sounds enticing huh? It was actually through their free seats promotions early this year where we were able to book our flights to Hong Kong for only 560 RM ( round trip tickets for 4 pax) and another seat sale for our Myanmar trip last April.

Oh, I’m not sure if this seat sale would make us want to plan another trip but as of now, our ‘cups’ are running dry so, we better stay put and rest our ‘itchy’ feet. But for curiousity sake, I would still want to stay up late tomorrow night and check out this sale. Who knows… 😉

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