Benefits of Webhosts

Over a month ago, I was on the lookout for a webhost for my other blog. I didn’t know that freehosted blogs are monitored and sometimes the freehost providers have a right to suspend your blog if they don’t like the links you place in your blog. There actually certain links that they don’t like and once you happen to put those links on your blog, you get suspended.

So, that was what happened to my other blog. It got suspended for a link that has something to do with ‘housing’ stuff. So, I wrote to my freehost provider and told them that I would take out the link that they didn’t like and requested for my blog to be activated again. I was glad that they considered and I was able to retrieve my blog. So as not to let that experience again, I decided to get my blog self hosted. I was on search for a webhost for awhile but really didn’t have any idea what it is about , how to install in and etc. The WPDesigner should have been a great place for me to find out about webhosts but I only discovered this site today. But, it was good that I had a friend who was selling webhost. So, I just got a 1 year package from her for 10$ a month and she did everything for me.

Now, my fitness blog is self hosted and I’ll have more freedom to write my posts and place any kind of links and won’t have any chance to get suspended again.

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