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As budget travelers, we only have a few things in mind when choosing our accommodation during our trips. Our accommodation has be within our budget of course, with the non-chain like atmosphere and if possible with beautiful interior design in a breathtaking location. Of course the last two requirements are seldom achieved especially with budget constraints. But if we have a choice we would like to stay in a hotel that’s not the ‘standard’ chain hotel but one where you can experience the beauty and the best of what the culture and the place has to offer. A unique yet typical hotel experience, not that one that gives you too much culture shock though.

And I’m glad to find out that the experts from hotelleriesuisse and Switzerland Tourism has made it their aim to meet the needs of the tourists to have that ‘unique and typical’ experience in their Swiss Hotels . They’ve rigorously worked to define the ‘Typically Swiss Hotel” until they chose about 225 hotels in Switzerland to be a part of this marketing group.

And true enough, as I’ve browsed through their site, I was captivated by each hotel’s unique features yet typical to the Swiss. You could imagine that your hotel experience itself will be as captivating astouring around the country. One such example is the Romantik Hotel Chesa Salis. This hotel has a lot of history behind it, dating all the way back from 1590. Oh, such beautiful architecture and interior design. For me this is a ‘Typically Swiss’ hotel, a hotel that is rich in history and beauty just like its country, Switzerland.

Romantik Hotel Chesa Salis

Just browsing through Switzerland’s site makes me fall in love with the place. How I wish I could visit this magnificent country. What about you? You might want to plan your next vacation to Switzerland.


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