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Come September and my Hubby might be able to make a trip to Nepal. Everything is not confirmed yet, though but I’m excited for his trip and hope I could go with him. :) But, I guess it’s no longer possible for me to tag along since the costs are quite high and I’m also going to North Thailand by the end of the month.

My Hubby will be going there with a team and it’s not exactly for a holiday but for ministry. I’m not even sure if they have enough time to go sight seeing. But still the same, the experience of going to a different country and being in a different culture is already more than enough.

So, upon knowing of my Hubby’s tentative trip, I consulted my book, 1000 Places To See Before You Die, and checked out the ‘must-see’ places of Nepal. I found out that there are several beautiful places and experiences in Nepal. Here is the list:

Jaljale Himal
” Astounding Scenery Above the Clouds”

Durbar Square
“The Heart of Old Kathmandu”

“A Faded Medieval Time Capsule in the Kathmandu Valley”

Mount Everest
“The World’s Tallest Mountain”

The Kingdom of Mustang
“The Last Forbidden Buddhist Kingdom”

FishTail Lodge
“Rooms With A View”

Royal Chitwan National Park
“In Search of the Bengal Tiger in Asia’s Richest Wildlife Sanctuary”

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