On Hotel Search and Charity

The internet is really a great place to start when researching about a new destination, facts and info, hotels, travel tips, transportation and etc. Just like when we were searching for a place to stay in Bangkok for a 12 hour transit. We filtered our options to hotels that were cheap and near to the airport, looked at the photos, booked the rooms and arranged for pick up. It was our first time to do that so, on the day of our arrival we were having second thoughts whether the agency will be there to pick us up. And thankfully they did! :) They sent us to the hotel and we were quite impressed with their hotel and its service. So, that’s how hotel search engines are very useful.

And do you know world’s number 1 search engine now? It’s www.HotelsCombined.com. This site is different from all the other search engines and has more features. But the best thing about this site aside from being number one is that they donate to charity every time someone spread the word about them, through the blog, facebook or twitter. That’s right .. so, let’s spread the word about them and donate to charity – Spread The Word For Charity.


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