Swiss Gems

The thing that I love most about traveling is immersing myself into the culture and experiencing things that are unique to the place. Of course, I love going to the famous landmarks and places that tourists tend to go, but I love learning more about the people, their culture and having unique experiences.

Just like for example in enchanting Switzerland, I would very much like to experience of making my own cheese in Ticino. I’ve also found out that not only guests will have a memorable time making their own cheese but after the cheese has mature, this will be sent to their home country.

And here are some other examples of unforgettable experiences which we may call ‘the Swiss gems’ that is unique to Switzerland.

Casting your own bells in Barau- where visitors can get to decorate the sand molds, get a tour of the factory and cast the bells.

Learning to do medieval paper making in Basel’s old paper mill- Guests will get to experience history as they learn to make paper the traditional way.

Kids getting their dream job offer for a day ( and with pay!) – You want your kids to experience their dream job? There’s a chance for them to become the hotel director, slide supervisor, hotel fireman and among others, for a day in Braunwald.

Gatheing herbs in Champery- Learn the techniques of searching for wild herbs and experience the excitement of picking them from the beautiful meadow of Champery.

Writing about these amazing activities makes me want to visit Switzerland and experience all these first hand. But for a start, you may want to visit their site and Discover Swiss “Pearls” .


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