The Pearls of Switzerland

What can you picture in your mind when the country, Switzerland is being mentioned? Is it the beautiful mountains alps and majestic scenery? Yes, Switzerland is truly known for the alps, the mountains and the view. But do you know that there’s a lot more rich experiences and unforgettable activities in store for every traveler in Switzerland? Oh, I haven’t been to Switzerland but I’ve been doing some reading on this beautiful country.

Switzerland has a lot of pearls that are left to be discovered by every foreign traveler. Pearls or experiences that are unique and found only in Switzerland. Here are my favorites:

1) An intimate encounter with Mont Bre’ – The small village of Bre, has an art trail and it quite retained the feel of the past. Aside from the you can see the majestic view of Lucano from this place.

2) First 4000 m high peak – Do you fancy climbing up a 4000m peak? Then, this is possible even if you’re just an amatuer. They’ve got excellent guides and the ascent is not too long. Reward? Spectacular and panoramic views.

3) Staring an Elephant in the Face– Take an hour boat ride on Lake Gruyere and enjoy seeing enchanting countryside like the medieval ruins and picturesque chapel.

4) Riding and Dining through Lucerne– This two hour tour riding a horse drawn coach is perfect for lovers. Immerse into the beauty of Lucerne while you dine as this coach has everything the gourmet could wish for.

5) A Day in the Vineyard – Experience harvesting the grapes and taking the communal lunch with with the vintners.
It’s amazing that there are just so much of things to experience in Switzerland. Do you want to Discover Swiss “Pearls” ? Then visit their site and be amazed.


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