Things To See and Do in Cameron Highlands

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Finally, here is a post with photos about our trip to Cameron Highlands. The following are the places we visited and things we did during our short visit there. And I guess it can be summarized as the ‘things to see and things to do’ at Cameron Highlands on a short visit.

1) Visit the Strawberry Farm – There are numerous Strawberry Farms in Cameron. We’ve only been to The Big Red Strawberry Farm and we liked it there. The place was quite huge ( with parking lot that can accommodate up to 200 cars) and it was nicely kept and designed too. There are other things that you can see aside from strawberries like vegetable plants, vegetables, cactus and etc.

2) Visit the Cactus Point – Here you can see cactus in every size, shape and color. It’s amazing to see a lot of colorful and pretty cactus. All the while, I thought they were just all green and thorny.

3) Visit the Boh Tea Plantation- Oh, I would say that this is a “MUST VISIT’ place. I considered as my visit to the plantation as the highlight of our trip. You must have your own vehicle ( the smaller the better) to go to the plantation since it’s quite a distance from the town ( though I saw a few adventurers hiking their way up). The road is quite narrow and winding too.

When you visit the plantation, make sure you go up the cafe and grab a cup of tea and eat the famous scones or tarts. The splendid scenery matching the cold weather will truly make your tea time more enjoyable.

And by the way, the Plantation is closed to the Public on Mondays. You can also visit the tea factory but have to contact them first and make an appointment.

4) Visit the Butterfly Garden- This is just a place that’s great for kids who has never been to a Butterfly Garden. The place is not well maintained and I would say that the 5RM fee for adults and 3RM fee for children is not much worth considering that the garden is small with a few butterfly species. I even saw a lot of pitiful butterflies on the ground either hurt or dead. Though the display of the beetles, snakes and other reptiles and insects was quite a bonus.

5) Visit the Honey Bee Farm – We went to this place but never went inside the maze. This is said to be the largest maze in Malaysia. With a preschooler and a toddler with us, we didn’t think it was a good idea to go inside the Honey Bee Farm Maze. It’ll just tire us and the kids. But we were able to see the farm from the 2nd floor. Entrance 3RM

6) Buy some plants, vegetables, flowers and souvenirs at an affordable price. Once you’re in Cameron, you won’t be able to resist buying stuff. The vegetables and flowers look so fresh and not as pricey as those found in the city.

Since our time was very limited these are the only places that we visited. But there are also other interesting things you can do and places to visit like the following:

Jungle Trekking
Parit Falls
Robinsons Waterfall
Rose Center
Wild Orchid Farm
Vegetable Farm
Gunung Brinchang

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