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Every hotel experience should be different and must reflect the culture and the beauty of the place. Well, that’s how I would want my hotel experience to be. But most of the time, hotel experiences tends to be impersonal, have that ‘chain like’ atmosphere and boring, right?

But not the typical Swiss Hotels . I’ve heard that Switzerland is just so serious on its drive to let every visitor experience and feel the authenticity of every nook and corner of Switzerland that they carefully selected 255 hotels that meets their critiria of being a ‘typically Swiss Hotel’.

What is a Typical Swiss Hotel then?

“In a very individual way the hotels are a mirror of their region,”

says Jürg Schmid, Director of Switzerland Tourism.

If every hotel in every place we visit has this goal in mind, then we will have great and wonderful hotel experiences. Just like for example this Romantik Hotel Chesa Salis. This hotel was built in 1590 has gone through a lot in the hundreds of years in its existence. And the every corner of this hotel interior truly reflects its history. Now, that’s Typically Swiss to me. Not compromising and getting into the ‘mold’ of what’s popular to its visitors but preserving its culture and history. If you want to discover and explore more authentic Swiss hotels, then visit their site now or maybe start planning to visit this enchanting country.



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  1. PTL you got all the swizz opps.. I just change my category but late na.. nahurot na ang opps hahahaha. GRACE

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