Update: AirAsia 3 Million Seat Fare

The 3 Million Seat Fare from Airasia is indeed quite big, imagine there are 3,000,000 seats for grab? But sad to say, it’s not a zero fare promotion but cheaper fare without the admin fee. Another disappointment for me is that this promotion is only for domestic flights for certain countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia with certain airports as the starting point like Kuala Lumpur’s LCCT, Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi, Kota Kinabalo, Kuching, Johor Baru, Jakarta and Bandung.

So, this seat sale is not that interesting for me since we can always go by car or by bus to travel domestically ( if there’s such a word) and the flight date is too far (January 11- July 31, 2010) for us to know our travel schedule ( if ever we need to travel).

UPDATE: Oh, I’ve just read that the International Seat Sale will start on August 12, 2009… So, we’ll have to wait and see…

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