Meet Mosha, Nam Fon and Motala

The World’s First Elephant Hospital by FAE

I know I have been procrastinating to post about my North Thailand trip. I guess it’s the fact that we went to many different places and had a lot of experiences that writing about it becomes overwhelming.

But I have to start writing somewhere so, let me start by writing about the Elephants we visited at FAE ( Friends of Asian Elephants) Hospital in Lampang, Thailand.

Mosha’s prosthetic leg on the right


Mosha is a 3 year old elephant that only has 3 legs. She wasn’t born with only 3 legs but she lost her leg when she stepped on a landmine in a neighboring country when she was only 7 months old. It must have been such a pitiful sight to see an baby elephant hurt. But now, through the effort for FAE Mosha has a new permanent and adjustable prosthethetic leg. She’s not very used to it yet since she just acquired it. The organization is also continually raising funds for Mosha’s leg because as she grows older, he prosthetic leg has to be adjusted too.

Now, Mosha has been improving a lot and even ate all the rice crackers that we brought for her. I think she liked it.


Nam Fon

Nam Fon was only a few months old when her Mother rejected her. Her Mother seemed to have become so wild that she even killed Nam Fon’s older sibling. The people found Nam Fon’s mom stepping on her and that’s why they saved her and brought her to the hospital. Since Nam Fon is still a baby, she is supposed to need her mother’s milk. That’s why it was a bit of struggle for her to be fed while at the hospital since she was not used to drink from the special milk bottle made for her.It seemed she has improved a lot now though she still needs to gain some weight.

The first time I saw Nam Fon, I immediately pitied her because she was so thin and seemed very ‘unhappy’. I told my friend, that it’s my first time to see a thin elephant. Hopefully, Nam Fon will be able to recover well.



Motala is a 48 year old female Elephant who just got her permanent prosthetic leg fitted last month. It has been over 10 years since Motalas accident where she stepped on a landmine in Myanmar. Motola is one of the hundreds of elephants used in that logging camp. In 1999 , hundreds of doctors, nurses and staff operated Motala and amputated his leg. This has been in the international news and has gained the sympathy of the public.

For more information on the FAE click HERE.

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