Our North Thailand Trip Accomodations

During our 8 day trip to North Thailand we stayed in different types of accomodations; a hotel in Bangkok, a guesthouse in Sukhothai, a guesthouse in Lampang, homestay in Samkanghaeng, ChiangMai and a Hotel in Chiangmai center.

Viengtai Hotel – This is the hotel we stayed in Bangkok. It’s in the Banglamphoo area and it’s just near to the famous Khao San Road and the Grand Palace. It’s a nice hotel with complete amenities such as wireless access ( but you have to buy the TOT card), swimming pool, bathub, safety deposit box and etc. If you want to see how it looks like you can click this :

Hang Jeng Guesthouse, Sukhothai- This is where we stayed during our second night. It’s quite a new guest house, quite simple but very cozy with friendly staff.

Riverside Guesthouse, Lampang- I just love this guesthouse! The interior design of this guesthouse is just amazing. You can see the creativity of the artist-owner at practically every nook and corner of the guesthouse. If you’re looking for a beautiful place to stay in Lampang, I would highly recommend this guesthouse.

Homestay at Chiangmai– During our fourth night, we had our homestay in one of the remote areas of Chiangmai. At first, I thought we would be in a rural village at the middle of nowhere and be sleeping in huts but the house where we stayed is quite nice and comfortable. The best thing during our homestay was we were treated with authentic Thai meals complete with traditional Thai entertainment.

People Place Hotel, Chiangmai– During our remaining nights in North Thailand, we stayed in People Place Hotel. The thing I like in this hotel is the fact that it’s just a 5 minutes walking distance to the famous Night Bazaar. You can practically find everything within a short distance of the hotel; McDonald’s, Burger King, Starbucks, internet cafe s, 7-11 and etc. You can take a look at this hotel at Hotels Combined .

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