Thank You, GeckoGo and Intrepid Travel!

It all started with visiting a site that announced a contest to win a free 900$ voucher to any destination of your choice at GeckoGo. So, I visited, registered for a free account, wrote a post in my blog about it and even invited a few friends to register too.

Little did I know that I’ll be chosen ( through raffle) as one of the winners for the contest. Amazing! I truly thank God for the favor and opportunity.

Everything just seemed to fall into place, the other winner is also a Filipina and so we made arrangements to travel together on a date when both of us are free. The booking process for the trip was so easy and fast! Thanks to Dyan from Intrepid Travel who was so helpful and friendly. When I looked at all my travel details, I could hardly believe that I’m going on a free travel tour to North Thailand!

Months passed by and finally the trip came. We met our group leader and the entire travel group. It was a bit awkward at first since we all have different nationalities, 1 Thai, 2 Filipinos, 4 British, 1 Colombian, 1 American and 1 Australian. But as days passed by, it’s like we’re old friends because we all bonded well.

The itineray prepared by Intrepid Travel was awesome. It’s not the normal travel tour where you could just see famous places, take pictures and go back to our own ‘world’ but it’s a fusion of experiences of the local culture, people, food and traditions. The entire experience enlarges your awareness about the country, its people and culture. And because of such an awareness, it somehow changes the way you perceive things.

The highlight of the trip was not just going to famous places but it was more to meeting the locals, learning more about their culture and experiencing a bit of their everyday lives.

Once again, I thank GeckoGo and Intrepid Travel for such a wonderful experience. Cheers!!

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