4th Day

It’s our fourth day here in Hong Kong. And so far we’ve still covered a few places namely the Victoria Peak, Central and Disneyland. Here is a brief summary of the places we’ve been to.

The view in Victoria Peak was spectacular, we were there in the afternoon until night, so we watched the sunset and the glimmering skyline at night.

The busy central part of Hong Kong was also quite impressive, it was very clean and orderly in spite of the hassles and bustles of city life.

And the best part so far during our 4 days stay here is our trip to Disneyland. It’s indeed a magical place where there’s just so much fun, entertainment and excitement.

I would just have to write about our trip in summary as of now. I’ll have to write more in detail with photos next time.

Our destination tomorrow would be the Harbor, the Avenue of the Stars and the Space Museum.

3 thoughts on “4th Day

  1. wow!kgana ba uy!luv,pray day mi kay mgbuy ate Liza lot nmo pod thru pagibig.pray na madayon para mahuman na amo balay.gaprocess na sya.pray nala mga babag.

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