A Serious Travel Blog

As I’ve visited other travel blogs lately, I was impressed by most of the sites. Their pages are just full of beautiful photos and helpful tips and information of different places. I was equally impressed by the amount of research that the writers must have done before writing the posts perfectly. How I long to make my travel blog like that. It’s really my desire to my this travel blog a ‘serious’ one with more of a professional feel. :)

But then, I just don’t have much time to do extensive research to provide a vast of helpful information on every place that we visit. All I can do for now is to post our travel experiences and share some amateur photos. Maybe if I have more time and if I’ve honed up my photography skills then I’ll think of recreating this blog to become a ‘serious’ and professional travel blog. Since this blog already got its own domain, then I might also think of getting Managed Web Hosting to get extended support and all its other great advantages.

But for now, this travel blog of mine is more of a personalized one that is openly shared to a few readers.

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