As I’ve posted previously, I would love to have a ‘serious’, professional looking travel blog but I just don’t have to time to concentrate and build on it. But I’m curious to know if getting your own webhost would really be advantageous to a travel blog like mine. I know that it would have a lot of advantages for business sites or big organization’s sites in terms of space, support and other features but would it also be an advantage for a small blog like this.

So, before I decided whether its an advantage for me to get my own webhost or not, I’m browsing through a site that shows the top web hosting companies. I found out that there are webhosts that are quite affordable with unlimited disk space and date transfer with less than a minute wait time for tech support. Hmm.. cool huh?

I would also love to hear from bloggers like me about their experiences with their own webhost and how webhosting has helped them in their site, especially for blogs that are powered by Blogger. If you are one of them, I would be most pleased to hear from you, your experiences and opinions. Thank you!

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