Do You Have Charter Digital?

I’ve heard that Charter Digital subscribers are given free access of over 2,000 movies and shows. Their subscribers are also able to view their favorite movies and shows according to the time of their choosing. If they love reality series and action series like Heroes, Office and the like these are also available just a day after their shown in TV. So, subsribers of Charter Digital will never miss any of their favorite shows.

With this great offer from Charter Digital, I could only wish that they’re available in our country. Who wouldn’t want a free access to movies, shows and more movies? I’m sure the kids will also be happy with Charter Digital because they won’t ever miss their favorite cartoon show that’s only shown during school time. As a Mom who wants kids to finish their work before watching TV, I would also be glad of this option to schedule their favorite show during their free time.

So, that’s why it’s nice to have a Charter Digital. The TV shows or movies are shown according to your schedule and therefore you won’t have anything to miss. But since I don’t have Charter Digital now and it’s not available yet here in Malaysia, all I can do is to inform those subscribers on Charter On Demand that is Free! Free! Free! If you want to learn more at or better yet get updates and fun extras on Charter’s Facebook page.



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