Not Your Regular Tour Guide

Tour guides come real handy when you have a good budget and you don’t have much time to explore the new place by yourself. As we all know, the ideal tour guide must be very knowledgeable on the place where we are going, must be fluent with English and easy to get along with. But have you ever wanted a tour guide that is also neat and well groomed. Of course, we don’t really specify that when we look for our tour guides but then, somehow we would prefer them to be neat and well groomed too right?

Anyways, I’ve just come across a press release about a study that reveals that those who are well-groomed are more likely to succeed in their work than those who are not. The Gillette Career Advantage site is dedicated for this topic and they even have Gillette Resource Center for those who are interested. So, I guess that’s how I was able to relate how clients would prefer the people whom their dealing with to be well groomed. So, the same with the case of our ‘ tour guide’.

Back to the study commissioned by Gillette, the result shows that more than 90 percent of HR professionals place more importance on being well-groomed than even a firm handshake. Being well groomed projects self confidence, being organized and interested with the job. Expensive suits or clothes are not a pre requisite to update your look but even a clean shaven face will do the job.

So, I guess that explains why we prefer our tour guide to be well groomed, aside from the fact that it’s always pleasant to deal with people who smell good and look good.Justify Full


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