Of Philippines’ Election and the Internet

The Philippines will be having the National Election on May next year. I’m still not so sure how many people are running for presidency next year but I already have my choice. :)

And speaking of Elections, I’ve just read a very interesting article on how the present president of the US, has maximized the use of the internet for him to win the US Elections last year. According to Google, by election time Obama dominated the web with 250% more awareness among Internet users than McCain. Obama has really foreseen the power of the internet and has even met Marc Andreessen, Netscape founder and Facebook board member, asking for tips on how to utilize social networking for his campaign.

His campaign efforts through the internet was truly proven effective but cheaper too. No, he didn’t buy some ads from the internet but he has built a large fan base who generated buzz in their spare time, for free. For this reason, the vast majority of Obama’s Internet traffic was organic—the result of powerful word-of-mouth campaigning.

Anyways, The study of Obama’s use of social media during the 2008 Election is called as Obamanomics. Anyone who has a business or runs for office can use the same technique and method that Obama used to gain more popularity and fans.



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