Searching for Cheap Flights

Since we are going to the Philippines next month, we are on the lookout for promo fare and cheap flights. We’ve already been to all the airlines’ sites that flies to the Philippines but to no avail- no promo fares nor cheap flights. :(

Last week, Cebu Pacific actually had a promo fare but at that time we were still undecided to go because we didn’t have the go signal from our leaders yet. And by the time we were already certain of our trip, the promo fare has already ended. Sad..sad..sad.. but on the other hand, we also found out that we could actually go to the Philippines earlier than expected so, it was still a blessing that we haven’t booked our tickets.

Anyways, I think we have no choice now but to book our flights tonight. I’m also quite apprehensive that if we don’t act fast, the rates might shoot up as the peak season is already coming. May God bless our trip. :)

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