A souvenir is usually small and relatively inexpensive article kept, or purchased as a reminder of a place visited or even an occasion.

We were not so keen on buying souvenirs for ourselves during our past trips. If ever we buy some souvenirs, they are usually to bring back for our families or friends. In Thailand, the choices of souvenirs are just vast. Well, if you’re on a budget you can still buy some nice souvenirs from Elephant Keychains, bags , letter holders and other what not. While here in Malaysia, it’s more difficult to find cheap souvenirs, that’s why I just end up buying some perishable items for family like coffee and chocolates. Their chocolates are actually much cheaper here compared to the Philippines especially if they are on sale.Justify Full
But just lately, my Hubby and I started a collection of souvenir caps and t-shirts on the places we have visited. And so far, my Hubby has got caps from Camiguin, Philippines, Chiang Mai Thailand, And Nepal. As for our shirts, so far we only have Myanmar and Nepal. I’m excited on how our collection would go. But I think we have to broaden our collection a bit by asking people who go on different places to buy caps and t-shirts for us too as souvenirs too :). We’re not very particular on the quality of the t-shirts as long as it’s not a blank t-shirt but the name of the place or country is printed on it.

And speaking of t-shirts, you may one to start a business selling souvenir t-shirts because I’ve found a site that sells t shirts wholesale. They actually have a wide variety of blank t-shirts. So, if you’re artistic enough you can print these shirts sell them and make a business out of it.

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