Next Destination: Philippines!

We’ve just arrived from Hong Kong this afternoon but the tiredness of our travel doesn’t stop me from being excited for our upcoming trip to the Philippines next week. Wohoo!

But before that, we still need to travel to my Hubby’s hometown which is 5 hours from here, unpack our bags, do laundry ( which would surely be a mountain of laundry) and start preparing and packing our things again for our Philippines trip.

Which reminds me, I haven’t posted any photos from our Hong Kong Trip yet. Things have been quite busy lately and I hope that I would be able to do that next week.

3 thoughts on “Next Destination: Philippines!

  1. we are so excited sa inyo paganhi.nangandam nami.redy na mga spicy na noodles from Zamboanga in case pulan si jesu sa filipino food.naa tomyam noodles na redy ug napod spicy na ginamus.

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