Our Disneyland Experience in Hong Kong

One of the highlights of our trip in Hong Kong was Disneyland. It’s indeed a ‘magical’ and unforgettable place where you just want to visit often.

Our day started very early for our Disney trip. We a bus and 3 trains just to get to Disney Resort. We actually bought a 1 day pass for the train so that we only have to pay once for all the train rides. The Disney experience actually started from riding the Disney train where the ‘mickey mouse ears’ design is just everywhere in the train interior. From the windows to the handles.

When we got off the train, our hearts where pounding with excitement as we saw the nicely designed train station and the Disney music heard all around. It was still 9:30 am when we arrived. The park only opens at 10:30 but there were already a handful of people from the train station to the park entrance.

We were one of the few people who entered the resort first and it was very nice to see the park with only a few people. When we entered, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse were already waiting at the kiosk with few people lined up for picture taking. Of course, we didnt’ miss the photo opp as our li’l boy is a fan of Minnie Mouse.

After the photo opp, we walked through Main Street and waited for the ‘official’ announcement for the park to be opened and only then we were able to enter the other 3 sections of the park : Advertureland, Tomorrowland and Fantasyland. And then the FUN began!!

This post would be too long if I have to write all the fun and experiences we had but Disneyland is indeed a great place to be especially if you’re with your little ones. I usually ask my li’l girl what she like most about Disneyland and the answer get is ” EVERYTHING!” It’s really true, everything about Disneyland is just awesome from the stage shows, to the rides, the parades, the characters, the design and the fireworks at night was just breathtaking!

So, if you’re planning for a holiday with your li’l ones, Disneyland would make one of the best destinations. It’s truly a worthwhile experience for you and your kids.

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