A Long Trip From Taiping

We left my Hubby’s hometown, Taiping at 1:30 PM and drove to Penang to get our visa and the proceed to Hatyai, Thailand. At 3:15 we arrived at the Thai consulate and found a number of people were already waiting for the collection of visas and passports .The release of visas was scheduled at 3:30-4:00 pm. But at 3:45 PM there were no signs of releasing the visas but the people patiently waited. We waited and waited and we only got our visas at 5:00 pm. I have no complains for the long wait though because I’m just thankful that we got a 1 year visa with multiple entry. It was still worth the wait. :)

So, we left the embassy and decided to have early dinner so we could just drive straight to Thailand. The dinner took about an hour until we were then off to the ferry terminal at 6:00 pm. But to our dismay, the queue was very long to the ferry. There were just so many cars ahead of us, a BMW, a Mercedes, a Waja but we didn’t see a cadillac though with cadillac accessories.. :) But anways, we didn’t have much choice but to waift for our turn because taking the Penang bridge would even take more time (and more gas!). So, we waited and only reached Butterworth after more than an hour. Whew! And we thought we could finally rush through the border but then heavy rain met us after Butterworth so, the supposedly 110 km/hr speed became 40 km/hr. We had to take a very slow drive since the rain was so heavy and couldn’t see anything in front of us. And thank God that the rain stopped in Gurun and it was only there my Hubby could drive a bit faster.

And by 10:30 PM thai time ( 11pm Malaysian time) we reached our destination Hatyai, Thailand. Whew! That was indeed a very long trip from Taiping. The supposedly 4-5 hours journey became 9 hours for us today. But thank God that we made it back home safe and sound and with our 1 year, multiple entry visa.. :)

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