Back in Amazing Thailand

We are back in the Land of Smiles, the Amazing Thailand! We’ve been away for more than a year now and I’m just so excited to be back. We are actually based here in Thailand for work. But when you’re in Thailand, everyday feels like you’re in a holiday. LOL! This might be an overstatement but what I mean is that this beautiful country never fails to excite you with its different attractions, its delicious food and gentle people.

I can’t even believe that I’ve already lived here for 6 years but everyday is filled with new learning and discovery on its rich culture, history, people and language. It’s really an interesting country to be in.

Anyways, there are a number of very interesting places to visit here in Thailand and they are the following:

Chiang Mai
Koh Samui
and a lot more

What are the things to do in Thailand?

The choices are endless. But for a start, the The Tourism Authority of Thailand has come up with some trip ideas with respective destinations for you to follow.

  • Beaches & Islands
  • Arts and Culture
  • Outdoor & Adventure
  • Family Fun
  • Weddings & Honeymoons
  • Shopping
  • Gateway to IndoChina
  • Diving
  • Gourmet’s Paradise
  • Health & Spa

So, your destination will actually depend on the kind of trip that you want. Just for example, you want to experience the beaches and the islands, so you can go to the south where Phuket, Krabi, Trang and the other islands are located. If you want some cultural and historical experience, the the North and Northeast ( Sukhothai, Ayuthayya) would be your ideal destination. And if you are into shopping and would want the cheapest deals in town, then I suggest that you stay in Bangkok where you find their biggest malls, their largest weekend market and other thousands of shops and superstores.

So, what are you waiting for .. Make your plans now to travel to Thailand.

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