Hatyai Ice Dome

Yesterday, our family experienced a -15 degrees Celsius temperature. It didn’t snow here in Hatyai but we went to one of the latest attraction of the Hatyai Lantern Festival, the Hatyai Ice Dome. The dome actually features the lanterns from Harbin, China which actually are ice sculptures. Harbin is one of the sources of ice and snow culture in the world.

To enter the exhibition area, one has to wear winter jackets, gloves and boots because it’s really not a joke to be inside a ‘freezer’! The exhibition area is quite big with different ice sculptures, a big slide and a bar with drinks.

Our kids enjoyed the freezing experienced and they loved the slide. Our li’l girl even went up and down the slide countless of times.

If you happen to visit Hatyai, you can visit the Hatyai Ice Dome which opens until February 24, 2010 every 5:00- 11:00 PM. Entrance fee is 100 Baht for adults and 50 Baht for children with free rental of winter jackets and gloves. If you wish to rent a pair of boots, they charge an extra 20 baht for them. You can spend up to 30 minutes inside the dome. I’m sure you’ll enjoy your ‘freezing’ experience in Hatyai Ice Dome. They also have very friendly and hospitable staff to assist you any time.

I’ll post about the Hatyai Lantern Festival next time since we didn’t push through going there yesterday because it was drizzling.

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  1. I think dli ko ka agwanta sa freezer, now man gani I am feeling cold perhaps bcuz of my colds.Wow! I am glad Tricia enjoyed the moments.

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