Intermission: Philanthropy

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, Philanthropy means:

1 : goodwill to fellowmen; especially : active effort to promote human welfare
2 a : a philanthropic act or gift b : an organization distributing or supported by philanthropic fund

When we travel to different places, we realize that our eyes are also more open to the differences of each places’ or countries’ economic status. Like for example, if you come from a rich western country, you get to realize that you are more blessed with so much of comfort and wealth in comparison with the poor, 3rd world countries. It’s either you’ll be moved with compassion seeing these realities or remain unmoved. But for people seeking to help other people like the philanthropies, it’s an opportunity for them to exert an active effort to do goodwill to fellowmen.

I’ve just come across a Doctor and Philanthropist, Ira Riklis. He has charities and projects to help the children and people who are under privileged and at risk.

Helping other people is indeed not an option for us. Helping others is our proof of loving our ‘neighbors’ which is God’s second commandment for us. And showing our love to others is also a proof that we do love our God with all our heart, soul and strength.

For this Christmas season, can we show our love to others by blessing them too? We don’t have to put up charities and foundations to do so but just the mere giving of our extra blessings to other is more than enough.

Let’s make some children and adult smile today by helping them out with their needs or simply giving them some gifts they don’t expect. A single act of kindness might mean a whole world to those in need.

Have a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year to ALL of you!

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