This is our 2nd time to move to a different house. The first time we moved was more than 3 years ago and I remember telling my Hubby that time that it would be our first and last move. It was really quite a hassle moving all the stuff from one house to the next and not to mention unpacking and arranging everything back in place. I remember it took us 3 months to arrange all our things back into place that time.

But that was not our first and last move because we are moving to a new house again. :) I know it’s quite impossible to be ‘permanent’ in a country that is not your own. I mean, if you’re only renting your house, you can’t force yourself to live there forever right? Buying a house here in Thailand is not also an option for us because aside from the lack of finances, foreigners are not also allowed to purchase any land in the country.

Anyways, back to our ‘move’, we only have a few things left to be hauled from our old house to our new house. I’m not sure though if all our things will fit inside the van. It would be nice to borrow someone’s truck so all the things can be transferred in a single trip. A chevy with chevy truck accessories would be good but we don’t know anyone with a chevy here. Oh well, we just have to make use of what we have and not look for something that’s not there . :)

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