My First Thai Meal

Last night was our first night in Thailand after more than a year of absence. When my hubby asked me where I want to have our dinner, I never any second thoughts of going to our favorite restaurant here in the city, Sugar Rock. I just love this restaurant because their staff ( who are already our friends) are very friendly, their food is simply delicious yet very affordable.

I then ordered my fave Thai food which is Khaw Phat Keng Kiaw Wan Kai ( Green Curry Chicken Fried Rice) with egg. My Hubby had Phat Kra Pao Kai ( Stir fried chicken in Basil leaf) with egg while my kids shared a big plate of Fried Rice. All these dishes were of generous serving and we only had to pay 160 Baht ( 16 RM) for everything ( including a softdrink). Yes, very affordable indeed.

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