Paper Made of Elephant Dung

During our trip to North Thailand a few months ago, we were able to visit the factory of the Elephant Dung Paper. Yeah, I know it’s a weird place to go for a trip but then after the trip we were amazed as to how a ‘waste’ can be recycled and be used beautifully.

When we entered the factory, we expected it to be smelly and unclean but one of the first things that our tour guide told us was that the Elephant dung doesn’t have any smell at all. The elephant dung is just plain fiber. Elephants digest their food poorly so over 50% of what they eat comes straight out the other end.

And true enough, there wasn’t any smell in the factory. So, how do they make the Elephant Dung to paper?

Here is the process:

1) They collect the elephant dung, wash and boil for 5 hours.
2) They spin the dung to cut fibres for up to 3 hours and they add colour
3) It must be weigh out into equal weight balls.

4) Then sift evenly into frames
5) then dry in the sun.

The result? A beautiful, odorless, textured paper that is ideal to make handcrafted cards, bookmarks, notebooks, picture frames and etc.

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For more information about these products or interested to visit their factory you can go to :

Elephant Dung Paper, Thai Elephant Conservation Center
Km. 28-29 , Lampang – Chiang Mai Highway, Hang Chat, Lampang 52190

or contact:
Phone: 081-3872344 Office: 054-224981

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