The Thai 15-Day Visa Rule

I haven’t traveled to Thailand for more than a year now and I was surprise to see the 15 day stay stamp on my passport in the immigration counter yesterday. It was just then that I learned that the Thai Immigration has a new 14 day visa rule concerning the foreigners’ entering the country by land or sea. This has rule has been effective since November 25 last year and is applicable to all the 40 countries which are eligible for visa exemptions. And this has also been effect in all the 54 land border checkpoints, including the seaport checkpoint at Ranong, popular with Phuket-based foreigners doing visa runs to Burma.

So, we have to go out of the country again in the next 15 days but this time I have to go to the Thai consulate in Penang to apply for our Non Immigrant 0 visa. Hope and pray everything will be approved.

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