Travel Healthy

It is always best to be at our pink of health when traveling. I remember being sick and traveling at the same time and it was indeed a very unpleasant and uncomfortable experience. I sure hope that won’t happen again. And to make that possible I’ve come out with a checklist of tips and things to do so I travel with a good health.

1) Make sure to take the necessary health supplements, vitamins and necessary medication before any trip.
2) Get enough of rest and sleep.
3) Take at least 8 glasses of water during the trip to avoid dehydration, esp. if your going to a hot and humid place.
4) If your pregnant or not in good health, always ask your doctor for advice concerning your travel plans. Pregnant women are not adviced to take the plane after their 8th month of pregnancy.
5) Make sure to always bring some snacks and water wherever you go to avoid getting hungry.
6) Bring your prescribed medication with you. Sometimes medicine brands and prices differ in other countries. So, to be on the safe side, just bring enough medication for the duration of your trip. For those who need Tramadol, they can check the tramadol online or buy tramadol bluebook to get the necessary info about this pain medicine or maybe to find out what is tramadol hcl 50mg used for .
7) It is very important for every traveler not to drink local tap water. There are certain places where their local tap water is unsafe for drinking. So, just to make sure and keep your tummy safe, drink the bottled water sold from the stores.
8) Check the status of the country where you are going. Some countries have common sicknesses and disease. In such cases, you must take the precautionary measures like having a vaccine or taking some medication to avoid those diseases.

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