Watery Wednesday- Elephant Bathing

This picture was taken from the Elephant Conservation Center in Lampang, North Thailand. The public can get to witness the elephants bathe and play for 15 minutes every morning at around 8 o’clock. After the elephant bath, they then go to the exhibition place to do their elephants tricks, exhibition and painting. You can then get to ride the elephant through the jungle.

So, if ever you get to visit Thailand, don’t miss to see and ride the elephants. It’s truly a unique and unforgettable experience.

6 thoughts on “Watery Wednesday- Elephant Bathing

  1. Wow, what a unique experience this would be. I'll have to be sure to visit. Thanks for sharing the tip, and for the photos.

  2. Fantastic photos! I rode on elephant once travelling, but we never were in the water that deep. That must have been fun!Great action photos. I recall it was hard to take photos because the ride was pretty shaky – it surprised me :-)

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