99 Baht Sunglasses

It’s not yet summer here in Thailand but it’s already quite hot and humid in the afternoons. It does rain here and there but when it’s hot, it’s really hot. I can already imagine the heat during the summer time. There were a few summers that the temperature even reached 40 degrees celcius!

Anyways, in preparation for the sunny days, I need to get myself one of those sunglasses at the malls because mine was already broken. There are really cheap sunglasses sold all over- eyeglasses and sunglasses that start at the price of 99 Baht! I love the designs of most of these glasses. But then, I have to make sure that the ones I choose don’t hurt my eyes. There were a few times I bought cheap sunglasses that were blurry and grainy and gave me headache after a few minutes of wearing them. Yes, that’s the downside of buying something cheap, you are not always assured of its quality. But then I heard of a great company online that sells good quality eyeglasses at a very low cost. There’s even a great review written about this site. They ‘testify’ that Zenni optical sells good quality, stylish and fashionable eyeglasses at such a low cost. I guess this is only possible at Zenni Optical.

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