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I was browsing through my photos and I realized that there are still a lot of photos and experiences that I haven’t blog about yet. I remember I also kept some brochures and calendar of activities of some places with the intent of sharing all those here in my blog. But I’ve been busy and maybe a bit lazy to write these days so, I hope you can forgive me.

This travel blog of mine has been neglected for quite sometime now. Even if I may have a lot of ideas that I can write about like my travel reviews, flight and hotel experiences, food and etc. but sad to say, I’m not that inspired ( or motivated) to do so.

Maybe if there’s such writing service to hire someone to write my posts, I would have done that to keep this blog of mine working and active. But so far, I only know of a site where you can order essays or custom essay. Hmm.. Do you think there will be a future site where we can order blog posts too? It might sound funny for now but sometimes, when laziness sets in, that won’t be such a bad idea. :)

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