Free Hosting Versus Paid Hosting

This travel site of mine is still under the free hosting of Blogger. Now, I’m thinking whether I need to get a paid hosting for this blog. I have two other non Blogger blogs in which have paid web hosts due to the limitations of that free web host provider. It’s really true that there are some limitations for free web hosts especially if one is very serious in building up a web site that will solely be used for business. I’ve just checked some articles and saw that the following are the benefits of getting a paid web hosting services.

1) Depending on your web host service provider but generally, paid web hosting has huge amount of storage space compared to the free web hosts.

2) Unlimited traffic to your site.

3) Upgraded email facilities. Email addresses with your domain name. This is very important if you’re serious with your online business as it creates credibility and professionalism.

4) Generally, free web hosts will have more downtime compared to paid hosts.

5) Paid hosts usually have great 27/7 Support.

Hmm.. with great benefits and advantages from paid website hosting services, it’s really tempting to get one for this site. But then, I would have to wait until I have more time to seriously build on this site and make it more professional. As of now, this site is still very ‘amateurish’ and doesn’t have much content as I would like it to be.

But if the time comes when I would opt for paid web hosting service for this blog. I sure know where to go since I’ve just browsed through a new webhosting guide site where it’s currently building the biggest searchable web hosting directory which features complete information on all web hosting providers, all their web hosting plans, promotional and discount coupons, and unedited reviews by real customers.

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