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Last month, my Hubby won free business class air tickets for two to Jakarta, Indonesia. The free tickets ( and free hotel stay) is only valid until February 10 this year. But now, my Hubby and I are still deciding whether to go on with this trip or not. First, it’s only a trip for two so, it means we have to leave our kids behind. We’re not sure how our kids can handle without both of us because this will be their first time then. Second, we just came back to work and busy settling down some things so we’re not sure if it’s a good decision for us to go. On the other hand, it’ll be nice for my Hubby and I to go on with this trip. It’ll be like a Valentine’s trip for us :) Anyways, we’ll continue to pray about it and see how it goes.

For the meantime, I’ll check on sites that offers great tips and offers on travel, food, discounts. I’ve found one site and they’re inviting readers to sign up for their Perks and Presents promo.

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