Yummy Sunday – Halo Halo

I love Halo halo and now I’m craving for one after seeing this photo in my files. The is the halo halo we had at Mom’s corner in Cagayan de oro. Yummy!

Halo halo is a famous Filipino dessert that literally means, mix mix. It is a combination of different beans, fruit and preserved fruits.

Maybe I’ll try to make halo halo for my kids ( and me!) one of these days. Here are the ingredients of halo halo and 7 steps in making it ( source: wikihow)

* prepared ube (purple yam)
* canned or sweetened jackfruit
* sweetened or ripe diced fresh bananas
* ripe mango, sliced
* cooked tapioca (perhaps soaked in brown sugar syrup)
* sweetened garbanzo beans
* sweetened mung beans
* milk flan (spanish flan, with the caramel sauce)
* nata de coco (preserved sweet coconut)
* rice crispies or pounded sweetened rice
* agar-agar gelatin (sea kelp gelatin) or firm gelatin (made with reduced liquid)
* cream of corn or corn kernels
* vanilla ice cream
* sugar to taste (remember, almost all of the ingredients are sweet already)
* evaporated milk (recommended) or 2%
* shaved ice or crushed ice (very important)

1) Line up the ingredients.
2) In a tall glass, add a teaspoon (or tablespoon) of each ingredient
3) Scoop the ice into the glass until it comes up to the brim.
4) Drizzle with milk until the ice turns into the color of milk.
5) Top with additional ingredients such as a slice of milk flan, a teaspoon of purple yam, and vanilla ice cream.
6) Serve on a plate or a bowl with a flat bottom.
7) Mix, mix, mix, mix, mix before you eat.

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